Is it true that food can prevent stress and depression, this is the answer

Eating is a basic human need. However, it is not just filling the stomach. Food is also said to make someone feel better. In other words, food can support mental health. Come on, know the facts here! As the phrase "you are what you eat", many studies have proven how a healthy diet is very important for maintaining health, not only physical, but also mental health. What you eat can affect the performance of body cells, the immune system, and also how the body responds to stress. Facts from Various Researches The inside of the human digestive system not only plays a role in processing food, but also affects emotions. About 95% of the hormone serotonin, which helps the body manage mood, is produced in the digestive tract surrounded by millions of nerve cells. Serotonin itself acts to inhibit pain, regulate sleep time, and appetite. Below are some research findings that reveal the relationship between the food you consume and mental health: Those who are accustomed to eat
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